Urgent Atlanta Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you’re interested in digging a little deeper.  Cool.  Here goes.

  • Relevance is everything.  The companies we link to and that link back to us are high authority businesses with high authority websites – this is the single best way to ensure Google Rankings stay high.  A lot of businesses spam their websites with thousands of low quality links and this might raise their ranking for awhile but ultimately hurts them and their rankings eventually sink back to the spam-hell depths.
  • We believe in strong content.  The current buzz is “content is king” and we believe that.  The information on our site is unique, hand written, current and relevant.  A lot of sites have ghost written content, duplicated content, “spun” content, etc.  Like spamming backlinks, that works for awhile but Google has gotten very good at identifying content such as that and heavily penalizes websites when they find it.  We stay clear of junk like that.
  • We dig deep.  We look at our competition, we reverse engineer their websites and their backlink profiles.  We unashamedly go after the same high value backlinks they have coming into their site if the relationship between UrgentAtlanta and the backlinker makes sense.  Parallel to this, we also aggressively interact with other relevant companies and websites to ensure we have good industry awareness and (of course) web presence.
  • You’ll never see any “pay per click” advertisements on our website – no banner ads, nothing like that.  Strong SEO attracts solid customers like you so we don’t need to clutter our website with advertisements.
  • Lastly, we would like to build community on our website – we think it makes sense but it takes interested and dedicated people to make it succeed.  Due to the nature of the site (urgent situations) it’s not a site people are likely to come back to except when there’s an emergency.  Still though, you will see efforts at community building on this site -we’d like to think it’s well worth the time and effort.