Fire Damage Restoration

A building with fire damage often additionally needs water damage cleanup, soot and ash cleanup, and smoke cleanup as well.  Fire Damage restoration experts are well versed in all of these and due to the extensive nature of the work required, fire damage cleanup is not normally something a homeowner would undertake.Fire Damage in living room- Urgent Atlanta

There are several areas of concern when dealing with fire damage:

  • The damage from the fire itself:  This is the obvious things you see. Burnt cabinets, charred molding, maybe rug or flooring has been burnt.
  • Removal of soot and ash:  Depending on the extent of the fire, there may be a lot or a little of this to contend with.  If there is a lot of it, it will be wet from the fire hoses initially and that’s a great time to get it cleaned up.  If it dries out, it becomes more difficult to work with and can even cause breathing problems.
  • Smoke Damage:  Experts talk about several different types of smoke.
    • Fuel Oil Smoke from furnaces which can cause dangerous oily soot
    • Protein Smoke from surface paint or varnish burning
    • Wet Smoke from smoldering, low heat fires
    • Dry Smoke from fast burning, high temperature fires
  • Water damage cleanup from the efforts to put out the fire.  This can often rival the worst busted pipe damage as the firemen involved in putting out the fire will not stop until they are sure it’s fully extinguished.
  • fire damage kitchen - Urgent AtlantaAir duct cleanup from the smoke that has gotten into the ventilation.  Smoke from the fire will inevitably find it’s way into the building’s ventilation.  In the panic or duress of a fire emergency, most people do not think to turn off the air conditioning or heating so until it is shut off (usually by the fire department) it will continue to run, sucking the smoke into the ducts and appliances.
  • Structural damage analysis and repairs. Of course, any fire has the ability to destroy or, at least, weaken the structure of the building.  Depending on the severity of the fire, a structural engineer must be consulted to determine the extent of any structural damage.
  • Personal property  and content restoration.  This simply means the furniture, personal effects, etc that may have been consumed or damaged by either the fire or the water used to put out the fire.

As you can see, fire and the resulting fire damage is only half the battle.  Often times, the cleanup from the water used to put out the fire is every bit as expensive and time consuming as the fire damage itself.